Maintain Essential Workplace Safety

Workplace safety training protects your workers, and it also protects your profits. Workplace accidents and OSHA fines can be costly, and we help you avoid both. Contact Safety Technology Company, Inc. for customized safety manuals and training courses to meet OSHA regulations. We have a three-step approach to implementing safety processes:

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  1. Conduct a Site Safety OSHA Assessment Audit
  2. Prepare Customized, Written OSHA-Approved Safety Manuals
  3. Conduct the OSHA-Required Safety Training & Program Updates

Why Outsource Your Safety Training?

There are many advantages to outsourcing your safety training. Firstly, you free up your management staff to focus on running your business. Furthermore, you also:

  • Save Time
  • Increase Efficiency
  • Reduce Your Workers' Compensation Premiums
  • Save Money
  • Reduce Your Insurance Costs

Thorough Workplace Training

Our services are focused on manufacturers. We offer specialized programs that ensure your employees are certified to use the equipment and operate the machinery in your facility. Our courses also cover safety while on the floor. Training options include instruction in everything from forklift safety to eye safety.

Customized Safety Manuals & Grant Money

With your training program, you receive a customized manual for each piece of equipment to meet OSHA regulations. We also help you acquire free grant money through WEDnetPA to complete your training program.

This grant money is provided to manufacturing companies to make them more competitive within the industry, and you can apply for money to subsidize training for your business. For information on safety manual grants or training on OSHA regulations contact us for a free consultation. We help you identify your requirements and plan for the future.